Brow Styling by our Master Brow Artist

The Lash Lounge Sydney specialises in styling brows in the most natural way. We will work with your natural eyebrow shape to create a beautiful, perfectly arched, even eyebrow.

No two eyebrows are alike and everyone’s face & eye shape is different.

Most people have a slightly asymmetrical face, your eyebrows are sisters not twins! We even out your eyebrows by using a gentle wax, styling with tweezers & applying eyebrow tint or lightening to create a beautifully curved eyebrow that is just right for you. Sammy Jayne specialises in Brow Henna using Brow Henna Australia by Irina Levchuk. Sammy is also a Brow Educator with BHA.

If you would like to create a new eyebrow shape, we recommend growing your eyebrows for at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment time at The Lash Lounge by Sammy Jayne. This way we have more hair to work with & so can establish the growth cycle of your eyebrows.